What’s this site about?

At Accessibly, we’re working hard on ways to make the everyday websites, apps and services you already use, more accessible to those with low-vision, blindness, hearing loss and congnitive disabilities.

As a result, we believe that we are creating products that are easier to use and more productive for everyone because we are focused on usability and inclusion.

What sort of apps?

Our initial product is focused on making email a more usable, productive experience. If you use Gmail or for your email, you’ll still have all the functionality and security those products provide, with a more incluse interface built specifically for inclusion.

By starting with the specific needs of those with vision or hearing loss, we are building products that are focused on completing tasks quickly and accurately.

Once we’ve launched our email interface, we will continue to add products that expand your ability to be more productive day-to-day. That includes services like Dropbox, Google Docs and Sheets, and more.

When are you launching?

Our first products will be coming online this fall (2018). If you’d like to help test, or you want to stay informed about our progress, join our mailing list using the form below.